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At Mosquito Squad of Charlotte, we stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee and are proud to have many satisfied customers refer us to their friends and family. Your protection always has and always will be our number one priority.

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“Excellent communication, service, and price! Highly recommended”-Michael

“Mosquito squad sprayed my yard for mosquitos through the “mosquito season” in Charlotte (April – Sept). If mosquitos came back before the next spray was scheduled they were very prompt about coming back out to respray the yard. Using mosquito squad gave us our yard back! We could not have been more pleased with the service. They had excellent communication, were always there to spray as scheduled, left notification when they had been there and were available for additional customer service when needed. I will use them again next year.” -Cheryl

“They thoroughly sprayed the front and back areas of the yard. We have 1/3 acres so the backyard is very large. They sprayed all the way out to the property line and heavily around the deck. I can not imagine not having them service our yard – it has been delightful to enjoy the outdoors without being bit by mosquitoes. We did not have them service the month of September and October – that was a huge mistake! Won’t make that choice again! The mosquitoes were really, really bad this year and those months that we sprayed – was wonderful! If you have a choice between having your yard mosquito free or not – choose to have Mosquito Squad spray your yard – you will not be sorry you did!” -Cindy

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