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Mosquito Squad of Charlotte Tick Control

Ticks, much like mosquitoes, are not merely annoying pests of the summer; their bites can lead to serious health consequences. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte offers safe and effective solutions to controlling tick infestations in your yard and landscape.

Ticks carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, parasites and a number of similar fevers and viruses that can harm humans and animals alike. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte uses a variety of treatments to destroy the ticks that can cause illness to your family and pets.

Other tick-carrying diseases that affect both animals and people include the potentially life-threatening Tularemia, which is treated with antibiotics, and STARI (southern-tick associated rash illness; found mostly in the southeastern and eastern parts of the United States). The STARI rash produces muscle and joint pain, fatigue, fever and headaches.

Identification of ticks can be difficult because of their size and variety. Black-legged (also known as deer) ticks, Lone Star and dog ticks are of a particular concern. Ticks cannot fly or jump; they hide in tall grasses and climb on nearby animals or humans. Tick bites typically do not swell or itch, so a person or animal may carry one and not know it. The trained staff at Mosquito Squad of Charlotte will identify areas on your property that are most prone to attracting ticks to keep you and your family tick-free all year long.

Hiring professionals to control and prevent tick populations is recommended — the experts at Mosquito Squad of Charlotte know what to do. Along with blended and effective treatments around the perimeter of your property, we’ll place biodegradable “tick tubes” in specified areas. A tick tube is designed to draw these insects away from grasses, landscapes and gardens.

For prevention, control and treatment of ticks and mosquitoes — and with excellent customer service — Mosquito Squad of Charlotte will protect your family and pets from bites, rashes and diseases brought on by these unwelcome visitors. Contact us at 704-821-0805. With our specially-blended EPA-approved treatments and misting systems, we treat personal and business properties, outdoor event venues, nature preserves and more. For prevention and elimination of mosquitoes and ticks, Mosquito Squad of Charlotte has you covered!

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