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Flea and Tick Control for your Pets

If you are tired of dealing with fleas and ticks on your property, pets and loved ones, you are not alone. These pests are a common nuisance that can make life difficult. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte understands this and can help you and your family enjoy your outdoor property without the threat of potentially dangerous ticks and fleas.

Ticks can live in the places where your pets and children tend to explore, such as under decks, in tall grasses or nearby piles of wood. They can spread diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease, making it crucial to get protection for your property. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte can help provide protection with our two-part treatment. First, we will use tick tubes that are filled with treated cotton to eliminate these annoying and dangerous ticks. Small animals, such as rabbits, mice and chipmunks, will take this cotton to use as nesting material. Juvenile ticks will attach themselves to the animals and are quickly eliminated when they come in contact with the treated cotton. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte will install tick tubes twice every season to keep your property protected all season long. For adult ticks we will treat your property with our barrier treatment, eliminating 90% of fleas and ticks for up to 21 days.

Fleas can also be a nuisance, especially when they attach themselves to your pets and make their way into your home. They can make your pets itchy and miserable and can transfer potentially dangerous diseases. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte will use the barrier control treatment to eliminate these pests as well. In addition to eliminating the adult fleas, the barrier treatment contains a growth regulator to halt the growth of the juvenile fleas and prevent them from becoming adults.

Keep your pets and loved ones safe! As fleas and ticks carry heartworms and can be vectors of many diseases that could cause harm, it is important to remove them before they become an issue.

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