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Automatic Misting Systems to Protect Your Home

You’ve come to think of mosquitoes as a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte is fully equipped to manage pests better than you ever knew possible. A range of services exist to protect you from mosquitoes and ticks. Of everything we offer, the most convenient and consistently effective method is our automatic misting system.

Automatic Misting

From your first meeting with one of our experts, we will walk you through the entire process of planning, installing and maintaining your mist delivery system. We’ll explain the different options available and survey your location to make sure we install misters and lines optimally. We are pros at camouflage, so your automatic misting system will be virtually invisible. The nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks will be abolished from your home, providing sustainable protection from infections like Zika, Lyme Disease and other pest-borne illnesses.


The best part of our automatic systems is the level of protection, but the overwhelming convenience is almost as good. When you put your faith in Mosquito Squad, entrust us to handle the grunt work. Our systems have a sophisticated monitoring system, so we will be alerted to any leaks or problems, even something as simple as running low on treatment. In any event, our experts will handle the work, servicing your system any time you need. We even offer routine winterization for your misters.
Convenience doesn’t stop here. We give you full control of the misters with easy access. An intuitive smartphone app lets you remotely choose your schedule, enabling you to easily adapt to any plans that could be interrupted. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, our installation team will set timers for optimal protection, attacking mosquitoes and ticks when they are most vulnerable.

Call us or arrange an appointment and we’ll show you just how much power you have over these annoying pests. We want to help, and we will, so contact us today at (704) 821-0805 to get your resolution as soon as possible.

Current Offers

  • $49 initial treatment
  • $25 off full season

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