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Goodbye Mosquitoes- Naturally!

Mosquitoes are biting all over Charlotte, but you don’t have to tolerate these pests in your outdoor living space. Professionals from Mosquito Squad of Charlotte are out in force, working hard to eliminate potentially dangerous mosquitoes from backyards, swimming pools and gardens in all areas of the city. We’d love to treat your property as well, and we can do it with our all natural treatment guaranteed to deliver impressive results.

The Natural Approach to Mosquito Elimination

While we still offer our standard EPA-registered barrier treatment, we understand that many Charlotte residents want to avoid potential chemicals on their property. Perhaps you’re concerned about your pets or small children playing in the yard, or maybe your concern is for the environment. Either way, we can use an all natural mosquito treatment that works!

This treatment is made of essential oils that mosquitoes will smell even after the scent has disappeared to your human nose. It works as a deterrent as well as a powerful form of mosquito prevention. You can expect approximately 70 percent of the mosquitoes to disappear from the treated area of your property, and when reapplied every 2 weeks, the treatment is ensured to have season long protection.

While our standard mosquito treatment will last an extra week between treatments and may eliminate up to 20 percent more mosquitoes, the natural treatment is still effective at eliminating mosquitoes from your property. You can always talk to our professionals to ask questions and determine which treatment is best for your needs.

Why Choose Mosquito Squad of Charlotte?

Our professionals have been chasing Mosquitoes out of Charlotte since 2004, and we have a reputation for delivering prompt and reliable customer service. Our treatments also have one simple advantage over many other methods of mosquito elimination: they are guaranteed to work. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place because we want you and your family to enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment.

Whether you want to try our all natural mosquito control treatment or are interested in our other mosquito treatments, our professionals are always one call away. Call Mosquito Squad of Charlotte today at (704) 821-0805.

Current Offers

  • $49 initial treatment
  • $25 off full season

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